Friday, March 9, 2018

I think I drafted most of the things I write and I would just laugh at how immature I am to be so caught up with my emotions. Am I still that person today? Yes. But will I continue to blog about it? No.

So rather than writing about my sorry stories, I would rather focus more on positivity. Nothing much has changed, I've grown a little since I wrote the last post. As usual, my studies are still stressing me out, partly because I don't have the same strength my colleagues have. Consistency. In. Books. But ah well, I try. At least.

I gotta admit though, it's so hard to stay complacent when everyone in class asks around about what have you/ have you not done. Academic-wise. I am proud. I am happy. I am in an environment that pushes me to be someone better. Although I have to admit there are some days that I feel like the game is always on. Trust me, I envy no one, and no one in my class is a person I would race with. My self-loathe is what keeps me going.

I hate studying but I would hate myself so much more if I didn't. If someone had 24 hours and still scored on exams, I could too. 

On another note, this three months are the last months I will spend in UM, considering my last semester would be an internship semester. How do I feel? Mostly old.

Here is a little throwback of what we used to look like as first years. I don't miss the braces.