Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Awaited 2015 remorse post

These words are just a mere representation of feelings I will never be able to properly describe. The lack of interest that I have for anything at all has turned me into a full-time worrisome person. That very end, the demise of old interests I had, has left me like the breeze, ever so fast. Even too fast, I think. What I can convey though, is the vast lit of disappointment in me for not knowing myself enough. I used to think that I had too many interests to choose from; and I could turn them into a career, I just had to figure out which.

But today it hits me to the core of my being that nothing lasts forever. This world is at an ever-evolving state, and so am I.

There won’t be a recap of 2015. No listing down of regrets and blessings. I should just keep in mind that things change. And I better make sure they become good changes.