Friday, March 17, 2017

This blog has become a series of sad stories, so I'd like to make some changes to it. Yes. As cliche as this might sound, I promised myself that 2017 will be a year of pain and gain. Thus, I will be posting reviews, daily activities, events I attended.

If any of you follow me on Twitter, or Snapchat, you would know that I am a standing committee of AAPG Student Chapter Universiti Malaya. Last two weeks, I had chaired an event called the Geointroduction: An Insight Into The Oil and Gas Industry. Can't quite say it was the best event that I have chaired. However, it got me to push my organizing skills again, after leaving Interact Club. Heh.

I initially planned to make it a whole day event, but due to circumstances, we had to divide the event into a two-day-event. I was honored to have met Mr Chin Soon Mun, who became the speaker of the day. His slides were very easy to understand (basically foundation level friendly). He represented Petronas and AAPG YP KL.

There was a short session of unofficial "pick geology once you get into degree" session, while I accompanied Mr Soon Mun to have light refreshments. Th first day was satisfactory enough. However, on the second day, we did not get as much audience as we hoped to. Sure. Things were fun because we did not have to maintain a level of formality throughout the second day since there were no guest speakers.

On the second day, I organized an oil rig competition model building, judged based on presentation skills, functions, ability to float & ability to hold load. I hope the PASUM students had as much fun as I did during the day. I was told by my president that I shouldn't have put on a 17-minute video as it was too lengthy? Oops. My bad ahaha.

Anyway, handling events like this has made me realized many things.

1. Things don't always go as you plan. That's the core reality. YOU JUST GOTTA IMPROVISE. Ok honestly la, I think life has given too much of that to me, I kinda already knew that prior to managing this event.
2. Meticulousness comes  a long way. Handling protocols with VIPs. Yes. Now I know that no one leaves, until the VIP does. Small things we overlook from an event are always ones we should always have in mind.
3. Many do not know what Geologists do.
4. PR skills are important. Although I am an extrovert, I would love to improve more on my communication skills.

All in all, pretty blessed to have a good team to work with.