Thursday, December 4, 2014

(had purple streaks before i decided to remove them last two weeks)

funny how you outgrow something so vastly loved. evidently, this is a normal process of life. something you found useful or rather interesting yesterday could possibly be meaningless to you today.

when you grow out of something, it should be because you are better off without it. or because it is holding you back from your true potential. something is that toxicating you that you feel like you deserve better.

it is also unfortunate that when you outgrow something, you lose a source of "pick me ups". you find yourself so dependant towards it because it provides you the feeling of home. and just like that it becomes meaningless and serves no purpose to you.

one of the reasons i hate outgrowing things is because i have less things to be happy about. less things to depend on for happiness. in primary/ secondary school, i used to watch movies like a cinderella story, high school musical etc. they made me feel better and gave me hope and forget whatever that brings me down.

then i outgrew them. i outgrew them all. making my source of happiness less. safe to say if i were to watch them today i would find myself laughing at how these grade B movies were badly plotted.

but at least i was happy back then...