Thursday, August 4, 2016

So many things that were previously in my life (which I didn't notice) were things that I should've been thankful about... Until it was gone. Many times I was taken aback due to recaps of old times. The times I thought was excruciating to go through. Those times were overlooked, because I never realised how happy I was and how little my problems were.

Turning 21 in a few days. Will never be able to process that since I'm always a baby at heart. No. Seriously. Remmebering, is a pain. Remembering most of your childhood and the kind of happiness you obtained from it, kills you when it's gone. Here I am writing. Funny thing is that in a few years I would find this post cringe worthy and endlessly question myself on why I even wrote this post. Why was I so unhappy?

Man I'm toxic to myself. I don't need someone to tell me that. I always feed myself with negativities and think of the worse case scenario of everything. Although I am not the same towards my friends, I find that I do the opposite for myself. Crazy ain't it?