Saturday, September 13, 2014


This is my very first post about reviews, so I wouldn’t exactly know how this should go. Note that I realize that different people like different things and it all comes back to what you prefer, as an individual. Whatever I disagree on is not a condemn.  


Cast : Zac Efron, Dave Franco, Seth Rogen
Year : 2014
Genre : Comedy  
Rating : 4/10

I recently watched Neighbours. Basically, it’s about a set of couple with a child who, initially, lives in a peaceful neighbourhood. Then came a group of boys (sorority members) moving in next door, hosting out-of-control parties and making loud noises, which made it difficult for this particular family to sleep at night. At first, they wanted to be the cool neighbour, until they couldn’t endure the loudness and decided to call the cops. The sorority club’s president, (Zac Efron) expressed his disappointment for breaking their promise of never calling the cops. Because of this, the war started between the couple and the sorority boys.

Firstly, I liked how it portrayed the very American college-sorority’s-lifestyle. Although I have not been to the states, I have watched many movies to know that it would involves handsome sorority members, the booze, marijuana, bullying a fellow probate. Although it was kinda weird that no one else in the neighbourhood called for complaints, just because the sorority boys were “nice” to them. I found this a little bit too exaggerated. Secondly, it’s Zac effing Efron and Dave effing Franco. OH HOW CLICHE OF YOU, YASMIN. Besides the fact that I find them super attractive, the brotherhood portrayed in the movie touched me. Lastly, I thought the couple were adorable. Sort of what I imagined what my marriage would be. The movie also showed how dreadful changes of their lives after the baby came. However, they wouldn’t trade the baby for anything.  


Title: KL Noir White
Genre : Crime
Production : Fixi Nova Production
Price : RM 19.90
Rating : 9/10.

While everyone else reads books, half their weights, I am more fond of short stories; being the impatient person I am. Although I very much appreciate creative and flowery literature, I find that they could be somewhat draggy (And my attention span is short). An individual’s style of writing is very subjective, and you’ll learn a lot from reading a continuous story from a thick book.  But KL Noir managed to give a fusion of short, manipulated and twisted,  but “sweet” stories, with an excellent flow and grammar, and with few Malay words in it. This was what  made me fall in love with the book; it was very realistic, every page got me going “ EXACTLY MAN THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT TOO! “ and I love the wit and humour they slipped into the book. This book was well-written by local authors, and it is a shame that I only found out about the book years after it was being published.